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✅ 80% cost savings thanks to automated qualitative and quantitative coding

✅ Creation of associated transcripts for qualitative interviews in excellent quality

Automatic coding of free text nominations in code trees

 Automatic analysis of online community data

✅ Data secure via cloud or on-premise

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"The Berlin-based start-up Tucan.ai wins the sixth start-up pitch of marktforschung.de and Consulting.de. While three startups were tied in the audience voting, Tucan.ai's approach convinced the jury the most."
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Holger Geißler

AI for Market Research.

Tucan.ai was created with the aim to relieve market researchers. Via the AI, qualitative interviews can be automatically recorded and evaluated using the guide. In addition, market researchers can easily have free-text responses to their quantitative surveys automatically coded.

Qualitative research.

With our qualitative coding module, you can turn your interviews and conversations into valuable insights in no time. The AI is thereby precisely adapted to your needs and your guideline. This way, a 60-minute interview can be evaluated in less than 15 minutes.

Quantitative research.

With our quantitative module, you can automatically code free text mentions according to a predefined code tree as well as according to codes generated by the AI. So you can do in minutes what used to take hours.

Online Communities.

With our module specially designed for complex data analysis, multiple data from different sources can be analyzed automatically. Evaluate your online community data effortlessly and precisely with AI.

More advantages

Data privacy

Your company data is highly sensitive? We specialise in keeping your information secure. We guarantee that your data does not leave your country and can even install our software on your servers.

Full customisability

Your organisation does not need to change existing workflows. We adapt to your processes and can integrate within your existing systems and software tools. Your team can access your data when and where they need it.

AI experts

We are one phone call away to help you navigate your needs at every stage of the process. No need to employ a full machine-learning engineering team! We focus on understanding your process and helping you superpower your workflow.

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Tucan.ai - Your AI Experts for Market Research

Fed up with low-quality AI tools for market researchers?

The GPT hype is causing a flood of new offerings for all markets. Sadly, very few are quality AI tools for market research. More often than not companies only build pretty front-ends for ChatGPT or utterly ignore data protection regulations. Tucan.ai can show you the possibilities of working with a real, sophisticated A.I. solution.

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Improving qualitative research with NLP

Data may be more valuable than oil these days. But accumulating data just for the sake of data is useless, both scientifically and economically. To reach a better understanding of certain nuances and causalities it must be processed and analysed reliably. AI and natural language processing (NLP) come in handy here.

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