Instantly analyze your contracts emails meetings reports studies

Smart knowledge management, Made in Germany: leverage the power of AI for your essential company data with transparency, cost-efficiency and scalability in mind. 

Known from precision, scalability, and data privacy for AI-powered insights seamlessly adapts to existing workflows and accelerates them. Ensure your business makes informed decisions, based on verifiable sources, not AI-hallucinations. Trust in consistent results, even with large amounts of data.

Results you can trust

Obtain AI-generated insights with exact source citations for reliable data analysis.

One file or a million - same performance

Our system divides long texts into smaller, context-specific blocks for precise AI-insights, making it highly scalable and cost-efficient.

Keep your data

No need to relocate your data: maintain complete control over sensitive information with on-premise data retention and selective output. in action: real-world applications

We offer specialised solutions for your industry use-case:

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Analyse your contracts

Ask due diligence questions against one or several contracts and get precise answer with exact source-citations.

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Code your quantitative online market studies

Automatically code free-text answers from online questionnaires.

Market Research
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Summarize your meetings

Get accurate meeting summaries for every meeting. Analyse multiple meetings at once.

Meetings & Conversations
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Code your qualitative interviews

Extract all relevant answers from your interview participants to your questions.

Market Research
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Answer questions from your database

Simply connect your text database to the system and get answers in seconds with the corresponding sources.

Database Analysis
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Analyse online community data

Automatically analyse and evaluate complex data from online communities.

Market Research
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Data protection: GDPR-compliance, Made in Germany

Your data security is our top priority. With, you gain:

Benefits OF TUCAN.AI

What sets us apart.

Data privacy

Your company data is highly sensitive? We specialise in keeping your information secure. We guarantee that your data does not leave your country and can even install our software on your servers.

Full customisability

Your organisation does not need to change existing workflows. We adapt to your processes and can integrate within your existing systems and software tools. Your team can access your data when and where they need it.

AI experts

We are one phone call away to help you navigate your needs at every stage of the process. No need to employ a full machine-learning engineering team! We focus on understanding your process and helping you superpower your workflow.

Supercharge your knowledge management with AI

Get a free consultation:

Set up a quick meeting with our founder and CEO, Florian. He will be happy to advise you on your needs personally and free of charge!

What to expect in this interview:

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What they say about us. - Applied AI for your company!

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