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Automatic transcripts, summaries and rich notes - focus on your conversations, let take care of the rest!

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No more manual note-taking!

We don't believe in multi-tasking. Concentrate on the conversation. Tucan takes notes for you automatically.

No more unstructured meetings!

Meetings with an agenda are up to 30% more productive. Schedule meetings automatically with a set agenda. Tucan helps you to structure your meetings.

No more notes chaos!

Loss of information leads to miscommunication. Keep track of all your notes at a glance. Tucan automatically creates summaries of your conversations.

How it works:
Plan your meeting with an agenda

Create an agenda with Tucan and share it automatically with all participants. Tucan integrates with all calendars.

Record your meeting automatically

Record your conversation with all popular video conferencing services. Tucan helps you keep track of your agenda.

Get automatic summaries

Within minutes you receive automatic meeting transcripts and keyword summaries of your conversations.

Sensitive data - no problem!

Upon request, Tucan can be installed on-premise and integrated into your workflow. Your data does not leave the company.

Are you ready to make your meetings more productive?

Become part of our exclusive beta program and test Tucan for free! 

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