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Tucan.ai provides unique insights into your communication by transcribing, organising and summarising conversations for you.
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Work smarter, not harder.

New summary feature out now!

Tucan.ai not only transcribes and documents conversations but also creates intelligent notes and summaries for you. Save now even more time and energy with our automatic summary minutes!

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No more note-taking and typing.

Tucan.ai creates your minutes in minutes, with 90%+ accuracy on accents and dialects in German and English. It recognises up to 20 different speakers and provides tags as well as streamline correction.

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Automatic transcription

Either you upload a conventional audio or video file or you record your conversation through a platform of your choice. Either way, after a few minutes, your transcript will be ready.

Popular integrations

Tucan.ai records everything said, identifies important aspects and identifies to-do's, questions and quotes. It can be easily integrated with popular calendar, conferencing and collaboration apps.

Intelligent summaries

In addition to automatic transcripts, Tucan.ai creates summaries based on voice commands and trigger words. These can be quickly edited, exported and shared with others.


Tucan.ai continuously adapts to customers' needs.

- personal and direct support through our managers;
- continuous improvement and individualization of our AI tools for your benefit;
- further development of integrations to seamlessly integrate our AI into existing workflows.

Tucan.ai focuses on data security and privacy.

- Customer data remains in Germany. We host with own servers in Frankfurt and operate our own engine.
- Upon request, Tucan.ai can also be installed on-premise if desired. This way, all data remains in-house.

Tucan.ai specializes on accents, dialects and idioms.

- Our software processes idiomatic and vernacular speech in English and German with over 90% accuracy.


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