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Your AI software for answering essential database questions, Made in Germany:

✅ Automatic summaries and analyses structured and unstructured data

✅ Access database without having to move data from your premises

✅ Precise answers with exact source citations

✅ One file or a million – same performance

✅ Full GDPR-compliance

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Bring your database to life!

Keep your data.

No need to relocate your data: lets you to keep your essential information on-premise and only output the data needed to answer a question or summarize a topic. This not only ensures data-security, but also allows you to access your database with AI at minimum cost.

Verifiable answers.

Say goodbye to AI-hallucination: automatically breaks down large bodies of text from your database by topics, which are precisely stored in a vector database. This enables answers with exact source citations for reliable knowledge management.

Efficient and scalable.

Furthermore, our unique system of automatically breaking down large bodies of text by topic (proprietary tech) guarantees precise results, no matter how large your database. This makes the system is highly scalable and accurate: it delivers consistent performance for 100 pages or more than 1.000.000 pages of text. 

More advantages

Data privacy

Your company data is highly sensitive? We specialise in keeping your information secure. We guarantee that your data does not leave your country and can even install our software on your servers.

Full customisability

Your organisation does not need to change existing workflows. We adapt to your processes and can integrate within your existing systems and software tools. Your team can access your data when and where they need it.

AI experts

We are one phone call away to help you navigate your needs at every stage of the process. No need to employ a full machine-learning engineering team! We focus on understanding your process and helping you superpower your workflow.

Supercharge your knowledge management with AI!

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