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Your AI software for summarizing meetings and text documents  Made in Germany:

✅ Automatic transcription and summaries of their meetings

✅ No manual notes during meetings and discussions thanks to AI assistance

✅ Connection with your databases via API

✅ Export in various formats and to your databases

✅ Data secure via cloud or on-premise

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The future of note-taking!

"Companies have competitive advantages when you have exclusive knowledge. This is not only anchored in text files, but above all in the heads of the employees - and is expressed in meetings and shared with colleagues. now offers companies an AI that makes this information available."


With our smart AI assistant, your meeting can be easily integrated with No matter if in person, via phone or online – record and summarize your meetings automatically with


Once uploaded, your files are saved in your personal company account. You can always come back to each meeting or text file, review or add new summaries to it. This supports strategic decision-making and breaks down data silos.

Personalized. was created to seamlessly adapt to your business processes. Create team and meeting types that reflect your everyday work. Integrate all your essential databases easily via API. Determine which formats are exported automatically, how, when and where. Your processes can be easily mapped with

More advantages

Data privacy

Your company data is highly sensitive? We specialise in keeping your information secure. We guarantee that your data does not leave your country and can even install our software on your servers.

Full customisability

Your organisation does not need to change existing workflows. We adapt to your processes and can integrate within your existing systems and software tools. Your team can access your data when and where they need it.

AI experts

We are one phone call away to help you navigate your needs at every stage of the process. No need to employ a full machine-learning engineering team! We focus on understanding your process and helping you superpower your workflow.

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