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Our vision

Our vision is to free professionals from tedious bureaucracy and repetitive tasks in order to direct resources to what is really important and enjoyable at work: being creative and innovative together.

Our mission

AI for companies: Our mission is to develop organization-wide databases that automatically capture essential information and connect it with a wide variety of information sources. Our aim is to build a system that lets you reliably query and analyze all of the company’s collected knowledge at the touch of a button. This approach powers a smart knowledge management that supports strategic decisions, breaks down data silos and frees people from tedious, manual processes!

Who we are

Our founders

Michael Schramm


"Accumulated business knowledge helps avoid mistakes and assist all employees - from newcomers to the management level -with basic coverage of strategies and long-term plans."

Lukas Rintelen


"Finding ways to control chaos, read out processes, and make them your strength drives me and makes almost every day a new, exciting adventure."

Florian Polak


"Communication will get more data-driven and increasingly complex. Companies willing to base their decisions on data will prevail over their competitors."

AI for companies: discover our specialized solutions

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Codieren Sie Ihre quantitativen Online-Marktstudien

Automatisches Codieren von Freitextantworten aus Online-Umfragen

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Fassen Sie Ihre Meetings zusammen

Erhalten Sie präzise Ergebnisprotokolle für jede Besprechung. Analysieren Sie mehrere Meetings auf einmal.

Meetings & Unterhaltungen
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Codieren Sie Ihre qualitativen Interviews

Extrahieren Sie alle relevanten Antworten Ihrer Interviewteilnehmer auf Ihre Fragen.

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Beantworten Sie Fragen aus Ihrer Datenbank

Erhalten Sie in Sekundenschnelle Antworten mit den entsprechenden Quellen.

Datenbank Analyse
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Analysieren Sie Ihre Online Community Daten

Komplexe Online-Community-Daten automatisch analysieren und auswerten.