MAXQDA vs. An analytical in-depth look at modern market research tools

In the world of market research, there is constant competition for the most reliable and efficient processing software and analysis tools. Two products that stand out in this competitive market are MAXQDA and In this in-depth analysis, we compare the traditional strengths of MAXQDA with the innovative AI-powered market analytics of and show how these tools are shaping the landscape of qualitative and quantitative market research.

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MAXQDA – An established name in data analysis

MAXQDA is regarded as a robust market research software that offers both qualitative and quantitative researchers a structured analysis environment. Its powerful features for transcribing interviews and automatically transcribing audio and video files make it a preferred tool for in-depth data analysis. With synchronized time stamps and a versatile coding system, MAXQDA is particularly suitable for qualitative coding and in-depth data analysis using text and word frequency searches. – The AI-powered innovation in market research

In contrast to MAXQDA, is characterized by its focus on AI-supported efficiency enhancement. The tool, specially developed for the qualitative and quantitative market research, automates and simplifies the coding of free text responses. With features for analysis based on interview guidelines and the automation of study reports, offers a unique combination of efficiency and precision for market research companies.

Comparison of functions: MAXQDA AI Assist VS

The technical features and functions of an analysis tool are decisive factors for its effectiveness. A direct comparison of the functions of MAXQDA and clearly shows the advantages and limitations of both applications.


Transcription CapabilitiesHigh-precision AI-driven automatic transcription and analysisManual and AI-assisted transcription with AI Assist Add-on
AI-Assisted AnalysisComprehensive AI features without additional purchasesLimited AI functionalities – requires add-on purchase
Coding and AnalysisFully automated coding, reducing manual workload significantlyAdvanced qualitative and quantitative coding tools; Manual effort required
Data Security and ComplianceGuarantees data localization with cloud or on-premise setup; data processing location: GermanyData security depends on third-party service (OpenAI) for AI features
Language SupportSupports multiple languages, beneficial for international usersSupports multiple languages, beneficial for international users

Status: November 2023

Automatic transcription & AI-based analysis of qualitative interviews

MAXQDA and each offer a solution for the transcription and analysis of qualitative interviews, albeit with different approaches and technologies.

MAXQDA transcription functions: MAXQDA enables manual transcription of audio and video files and offers support through the use of AI-based transcription through the AI Assist add-on. This functionality requires an active MAXQDA 24 license and is therefore linked to a paid extension. While the tool offers helpful features for transcription such as automatic speaker changes, time stamps and auto-completion, the paid nature of AI Assist presents an additional hurdle.’s AI-driven solution: In contrast, aims to automate the entire transcription process and promises up to 95% accuracy. In addition, enables the analysis of interviews based on specific criteria and guidelines supported by finely tuned AI algorithms. This depth and adaptability of the analysis not only saves researchers time, but also increases the precision of the results.

Automated coding 

The coding of qualitative data is an essential step in the analysis. Both programs offer solutions to simplify this process, but differ in their approach and efficiency.

MAXQDA’s approach to coding: MAXQDA allows users to code text passages manually and offers deductive and inductive code systems, among others. The creation and management of codes is supported by a variety of colors and keywords, which makes it much easier to organize qualitative data. Nevertheless, coding can be time-consuming and require extensive familiarization with the tool – a challenge that could be particularly daunting for new users.’s innovation in automated coding: revolutionizes the coding process by using artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate the coding process. Instead of having to manually assign codes, uses machine learning to analyze text responses and assign codes, which not only speeds up the process but also reduces the likelihood of misassignments. This AI-driven approach creates a seamless transition from data collection and transcription to in-depth analysis and reporting – a clear advantage over traditional methods.

Data protection and security

When selecting analysis tools for market research, data protection is a decisive factor in addition to functionality. Research data can contain sensitive information, the protection of which is a top priority not only from an ethical point of view, but also due to legal regulations such as the GDPR.
Data protection functions in MAXQDA: MAXQDA emphasizes data protection through various integrated functions that help to protect participants’ personal data and maintain anonymity. However, since MAXQDA uses OpenAI services, especially for its AI Assist add-on, it is possible that data outside the European legal area will be transferred to the USA. This scenario is particularly relevant for researchers who are subject to strict data protection laws and therefore attach importance to the storage and processing of data within certain geopolitical boundaries.’s commitment to data security:, on the other hand, makes data security a core component of its service philosophy. With the option of storing data both in the cloud and on-premise, gives users full control over their data. On-premise solutions are crucial for companies that prefer to keep their potentially sensitive research data on their own servers, completely under their own management. In this way, any risks that may arise with cloud storage can be effectively avoided. In addition, these local solutions often offer customizable security settings that meet the specific security policies of a company or institution.
The balance between accessibility and security: Both MAXQDA and face the challenge of making their software easily accessible for users on the one hand and ensuring the highest security standards on the other. While MAXQDA has a large user base and is constantly working to improve its data protection measures, is looking to future technologies and offers innovative security solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving security landscape.

Conclusion: The right choice in a changing market research landscape

The head-to-head comparison between MAXQDA and sheds light on the rapidly evolving world of market research tools, where traditional and AI-powered approaches coexist. While MAXQDA has its proven qualities and a long-standing familiarity in the research community, is at the forefront of a technological shift that is redefining the boundaries of efficiency and precision in market research.

Recommendation for a future-oriented market research: Compared to the traditional reliability of MAXQDA, is an attractive option, especially for companies and researchers who are ready to take the step towards a data-driven future. At a time when speed, accuracy and data security are integral to any research endeavor, opens up opportunities to translate qualitative insights into quantifiable success.
In the synthesis of the comparative analysis, it should be noted that the choice between MAXQDA and is not merely a decision between two tools, but a decision about which side of technological innovation researchers see themselves on. By choosing the tool that best suits their methods, ethics and future direction, they determine the course of their research projects and ultimately their contribution to the body of knowledge in their discipline.
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