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✅ 80% cost savings thanks to automated coding of free text nominations

Upload of SPSS or Excel files

Automatic coding according to code plan

✅ Automatic creation of codes with AI

✅ Data secure via cloud or on-premise

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Ready coded in three simple steps

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1. Upload

Upload your studies in a few clicks in the usual format as Excel or SPSS file. After selecting the column(s) to code, you can easily add your code plan, have the AI generate new codes, or combine the two.

2. Coding

Select the codes you want to have your free text nominations coded by. You decide whether you want the AI to find the best matching code per mention (single-coding) or multiple codes per mention (multi-coding). After that, it’s time to sit back and relax: you will receive an email as soon as all free-text nominations have been coded. View the results in your overview.

3. Export

After your file is finished encoding, you can easily export it in your usual format. Afterwards you will receive the coded file via email for download.

What used to take days can now be done in minutes with

More advantages

Data privacy

Your company data is highly sensitive? We specialise in keeping your information secure. We guarantee that your data does not leave your country and can even install our software on your servers.

Full customisability

Your organisation does not need to change existing workflows. We adapt to your processes and can integrate within your existing systems and software tools. Your team can access your data when and where they need it.

AI experts

We are one phone call away to help you navigate your needs at every stage of the process. No need to employ a full machine-learning engineering team! We focus on understanding your process and helping you superpower your workflow.

Increase your productivity tenfold!

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