Tools and Services

Yes, Tucan is built specifically for collaborative use in companies, research institutions and government organisations. Any number of employees can be added to an enterprise account without additional costs. There is the possibility to adapt Tucan to the individual work processes in the company by means of integrations. Moreover, Tucan can be installed on-premise on request, so that no data leaves your company.


As a B2B software developer, we provide integrations with common content, collaboration, task, conference and customers management systems. As for conferencing tools, we generally offer seamless connections with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. Upon request, we also provide individual workflow integrations with other tools and systems as well as API services.

This depends on the length of the conversation or audio file. On average, Tucan.ai takes a maximum of 9 minutes until it has automatically generated a transcript of a 1h conversation.

Yes, Tucan.ai can process both audio and video recordings of your interviews, calls, meetings and many more. We support all common audio and video file formats.

Tucan.ai recognises up to 20 different speakers by itself. Detected speakers are marked with letters which can easily be changed to names or pseudonyms when editing.

Yes, you can generate subtitles for your video with Tucan. Just export your transcript in subtitle format (.srt) and add it to your video with common video editing programs.