Account and Booking​

We offer free time volume for testing Tucan.ai as part of our free trial subscription. Register with your email on our website or write us directly at team@tucan.ai. Our trial period is completely free of charge and you will not be transferred to a paid subscription afterwards. During the trial period, you do not need to specify any means of payment

You can use and test Tucan.ai for free until you have consumed all your free time credit. You will get 15 free minutes for your registration and another 30 minutes for filling out our onboarding questionnaires. In addition, you can receive free bonus minutes for every successful referral of a friend, family member or colleague.

Now, you have two options: You can either buy an additional monthly subscription license including 10 hours or you opt for an additional prepaid package with flexible time credits.

Yes, your subscription will automatically continue. However, you will not be bound for another 3 months. After the first 3 months, your subscription duration will always be extended only for 1 additional month at a time.

Yes, we do. You can also opt for a yearly subscription when booking your plan. It is 15% cheaper than the monthly plan, with an unbeatable rate of only 0.10€ per minute. Your time volume (10h per license) will still be credited to you on a monthly basis.

Yes, you can switch between plans any time. In case you have an active subscription, it will be switched at the end of the 3-month minimum term or at the end of the month. If you have been using prepaid only, you can switch immediately to a subscription plan. It is also possible to combine monthly and yearly subscriptions with added prepaid packs.

If you need a time credit of more than 10 hours per month, you can either top up your active subscription with flexible prepaid packs or you simply book additional subscription licenses including 10 hours per month for 70€. If your demand is significantly higher than this and long-term oriented: We also offer customised B2B solutions and enterprise plans.

At present, we do support German and English with our own high-performance algorithms, each with a focus on local dialects and speech patterns. In addition, our algorithm adapts to your personal language and words. With each improvement, the platform learns and becomes more accurate.

Please check your spam folder first. If you cannot find it there, please send a mail to team@tucan.ai, including the name of your account, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your files are all stored on our servers in Frankfurt. Your transcripts will also be kept savely on these servers and technically never leave Germany. You can delete your files anytime. But keep in mind that this will consequently also delete your transcripts irreversibly. You will be able to export your transcripts in various file formats before deleting them permanently. To delete your entire account, click on “Delete Company” when using our browser app.

If you book a subscription, you will be billed monthly or yearly, depending on the type you choose. For flexible prepaid packs and individual transcriptions (pay per transcript), billing is one-time and in advance. You can pay with your credit card, SEPA direct debit or bank transfer.

No. Our trial period is completely free of charge and you will not be transferred to a paid subscription afterwards. You will only incur costs if you actively book a subscription, a package or a transcription yourself. So you don’t have to worry about any hidden liabilities during or after your trial.


Tools and Services

Yes, Tucan is built specifically for collaborative use in companies, research institutions and government organisations. Any number of employees can be added to an enterprise account without additional costs. There is the possibility to adapt Tucan to the individual work processes in the company by means of integrations. Moreover, Tucan can be installed on-premise on request, so that no data leaves your company.


As a B2B software developer, we provide integrations with common content, collaboration, task, conference and customers management systems. As for conferencing tools, we generally offer seamless connections with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. Upon request, we also provide individual workflow integrations with other tools and systems as well as API services.

This depends on the length of the conversation or audio file. On average, Tucan.ai takes a maximum of 9 minutes until it has automatically generated a transcript of a 1h conversation.

Yes, Tucan.ai can process both audio and video recordings of your interviews, calls, meetings and many more. We support all common audio and video file formats.

Tucan.ai recognises up to 20 different speakers by itself. Detected speakers are marked with letters which can easily be changed to names or pseudonyms when editing.

Yes, you can generate subtitles for your video with Tucan. Just export your transcript in subtitle format (.srt) and add it to your video with common video editing programs.