Supernormal vs. Which AI tool generates better meeting notes?

Supernormal or How do the two differ? Which AI tool generates the better meeting notes?

What is Supernormal?

Supernormal is an AI-based platform that automates the process of creating meeting notes. It transcribes meetings and creates notes quickly and accurately, saving time and effort.

Notes can be shared instantly on various platforms such as Google Drive, Notion, Quip, Slack, Hubspot and Salesforce. The platform can also record videos of meetings. It supports multilingual transcriptions and offers unlimited length recordings. Users can edit and highlight key points, annotate, and share shots or highlights with a link.

Supernormal website

Is there an alternative for Supernormal? is the optimal Supernormal alternative – especially when it comes to customized enterprise solutions, offers advantages.


Zoom integrationYesYes
Microsoft Teams integrationYesYes
Google Meet integrationYesYes
Import pre-recorded audio/video filesYesYes
Meeting transcriptsYesYes
Automatic speaker recognitionYesYes
Search meeting archive with keywordYesYes
Customized meeting notes according to meeting typeYesYes
Summaries across multiple meetingsYesNo
ChatGPT-like" queries of the entire meeting archiveYesNo
LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, FrenchEnglisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Spanisch und mehr
Data processing locationGermanyN/A
On-premise solutionOptional for enterprise customersN/A
Access and permissionsYesYes

Status: June 2023

Outsmart your competition! helps you analyze and manage your interviews, conversations and meetings by automatically transcribing, organizing and summarizing the data.

Meeting summaries comparison

Supernormal’s summaries are based on meeting templates. This way, the most important points can be summarized well and clearly in stick points, depending on the meeting type.

Also with you can create simple summaries by meeting type. Enterprise customers can also access complex user-defined meeting summaries. Similar to Chat-GPT, one or more custom instructions can be used to pull out various information depending on the meeting type.

Summaries in keywords or complete sentences, the next to-dos, the mood in the meeting and much more can be queried. However, these things can also be queried only for a specific person, for example, if you want to know the tasks resulting from the meeting only for this person. There are no limits for the user here.

Meeting summary in

Meeting summary with

Meeting summary in Supernormal:

choose from meeting templates in supernormal
meeting summary in supernormal

More than “just” summaries with TucanGPT

Since verbal communication is automatically transcribed, summarized, the information can be stored in an organization-wide “conversation database.” Entreprise customers can query the entire collected company knowledge via the AI at the push of a button – virtually like a company internal “Chat-GPT”. A “smart knowledge archive” is created, which can be expanded by internal documents, supports strategic decisions and breaks down silos.
Looking for an enterprise solution?

Whether custom data model training, custom workflow integrations, TucanGPT, cloud or on-premise, or advanced security features, anything is possible with Tailor your package to your needs together with your personal customer advisor.

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