SummarisationHas the ability to summarise audio recordings from meetings, providing action items and takeaways.Their transcription tool doesn’t summarise results.
Export formatsPlain text file (.txt), Microsoft Word (.docx), SubRip (.srt), Open Document Text (.odt), Portable Document Format (.pdf)Plain text file (.txt), Microsoft Word (.docx), SubRip (.srt), JavaScript Object Notation (.json), Web Video Text Tracks (.vtt), European Broadcast Union subtitles (EBU-STL)
Sentiment analysisCan detect the emotions of speakers with a high level of accuracy.Does not identify the sentiment of speakers.
Correcting errorsStreamlined correction using AI to detect highly accurate transcriptions versus those that need a second look.Has the ability to correct mistakes but doesn’t highlight the errors quickly.
Multiple usersUnlimited users.Multi-user license available for enterprise customers.
On-premise functionalityOn-premise solutions are available for enterprise customers.Has an on-premise service for customised high-volume cases.
IntegrationsIntegrates with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet and has the ability to customise for enterprise customers.Supports integration with video management systems like Kaltura, Opencast, Panopto, Company Webcast, and more.
API accessTucan.ai provides API access and the following features: multi-language support in (German, English, Spanish, and French), dual-channel audio, speaker labelling, summarisation, automatic punctuation, timestamps, sentiment analysis and various audio and video formats.API is available in 80+ languages. Supports dual-channel audio, speaker labels, automatic punctuation and case formatting, timestamps, and a range of audio/video formats.

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