Through our Zoom integration feature, you can record your Zoom meetings and transcribe recordings automatically.

1 - Integrate your Zoom Meetings with Tucan

To invite our recording bot to your Zoom meeting, you can:

1.1 - Use your favourite calendar to do the invite.

 In the meeting overview, use the provided e-mail to invite the bot. Specify the meeting language of choice as this will allow us to transcribe your recordings correctly.

 If you are manually setting up the invite, just copy your Zoom meeting link in the description. Here is an example of how to do it with Google Calendar.

Our bot will respond with an e-mail confirming the reception and would join at the specified start time of the meeting.

1.2 - Set-up the meeting through Tucan.

In the meeting overview, click on the New meeting button.

A modal would appear describing how to add the bot to your meetings. Since we explained the first step, go with the New meeting button to set-up the meeting manually.

Fill-up the meeting related information. Important notes:

You can use Add participant button below to add participants in your meetings by specifying their e-mails.

Once this is done, click save to go to the next step.

The meeting is created and it’s time to integrate it with Zoom.

You can either use our Zoom integration feature to allow Tucan to create a meeting join url for you directly. To do so click on the Zoom button and follow the steps.

Or, choose Zoom as Platform below and copy paste the already created Zoom meeting.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully set-up a meeting with Zoom.

2- Bot Recording

The bot will greet you and ask for permission to record the meeting. A pop-up will appear. Click on Allow Recording to let the bot record your meeting. If the bot is denied recording, it will leave the meeting

To allow the bot to record the meeting directly without asking for the host permission, we must do so by connecting your zoom account into our platform. You can do by going to your profile and click on “Connect now”. Follow then next the steps to finalise the integration. Now, all meetings hosted by you will not require the permission for the recording.

When the meeting is over, await a bit until our transcription engine handles the recording.

Once this is done you can access your transcript / recording through the Tucan interface.

In the meeting overview, find your recorded meeting, click on Show Meeting Overview then Open Transcript.

Congratulations, you have successfully invited our Tucan bot to your Zoom meeting and automatically transcribed the recording.