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You can use and test for free until you have consumed all your free time credit. You will get 15 free minutes for your registration and another 30 minutes for filling out our onboarding questionnaires. In addition, you can receive free bonus minutes for every successful referral of a friend, family member or colleague.

Now, you have two options: You can either buy an additional monthly subscription license including 10 hours or you opt for an additional prepaid package with flexible time credits.

Yes, your subscription will automatically continue. However, you will not be bound for another 3 months. After the first 3 months, your subscription duration will always be extended only for 1 additional month at a time. 

Yes, you can switch between plans any time. In case you have an active subscription, it will be switched at the end of the 3-month minimum term or at the end of the month. If you have been using prepaid only, you can switch immediately to a subscription plan. Furthermore, it is possible to combine monthly and yearly subscriptions with added prepaid packages. 

Yes, we do. You can also opt for a yearly subscription when booking your plan. It is 15% cheaper than the monthly plan, with an unbeatable rate of only 0.10€ per minute. Your time volume (10h per license) will still be credited to you on a monthly basis. 

If you need more than 10 hours time credit per month, you can either top up your active subscription with flexible prepaid packs or you simply book additional subscription licenses with 10h per month for 70€. In case your demand is significantly higher than this and long-term oriented, we also offer customised plans and solutions for enterprises.

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AI-powered automatisation and optimisation needed? Our one and only Carlo Glaefeke is happy to answer all your questions.

Please get in touch with him, if you need information on speech recognition and conversational intelligence solutions by Tucan.

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Berlin, Germany


    Customise your toolkit.


    Automatic transcripts in minutes; 90%+ accuracy with dialect, accent and jargon in English and German.


    AI-driven identification of central topics, questions, statements, and automatic conversation summaries.

    Recording Bot

    Background recording and minute-taking by our Tucan bot; for online, on-premise and hybrid purposes.


    Automatic encoding of transcribed conversations; individual trainings for personalisation upon request.


    Ai-powered detection and annotation of positive, neutral and negative statements made in a conversation.

    AI Editor

    Intuitive editor with AI-generated tags, streamline correction, keyword detection and many other features.


    Seamless integration of into your system and workflows thanks to our API feature.


    Algorithm training with technical jargon and specific customer data to increase individual performance.

    Business solution wanted?
    We specialise in individual solutions for businesses, research and public institutions. Get in touch for more information!

    Strong Protection

    We built our own AI engine. In case of a cloud solution, all your data is encrypted and stored on servers in Germany. Alternatively, can be installed on premise if you require special protection.

    Full Customisability

    Your customised solution can be upgraded with additional features like specific file formats, export systems, app integrations and algorithm trainings.

    Success Management

    Our key account managers take care of your needs at every stage of the project. Building on your feedback they help you and your team succeed using