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Fed up with low-quality AI tools for market researchers?

The GPT hype is causing a flood of new offerings for all markets. Sadly, very few are quality AI tools for market research. More often than not companies only build pretty front-ends for ChatGPT or utterly ignore data protection regulations. can show you the possibilities of working with a real, sophisticated A.I. solution.

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Missing information from last weeks meeting? Ask Tucan!

Meetings, in one form or another, are essential to any organisation, yet they can become time-consuming, tedious and hard to keep track of. But what if there is AI that records, transcribes, summarises and archives them automatically? This is exactly what offers: a smart AI-powered platform that helps you manage your conversations more efficiently and make better data-driven decisions.

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5 Golden Rules for a Better Meeting Culture

Meetings are often time-consuming and exhausting but crucial in the development of ideas and decisions driving team culture and performance. To get the best out them you should organise mindfully and actively engage all participants – before, during and after. Here are 5 tips for more productive meetings.

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