Author: Lukas Rintelen

The AI Divide: How European Firms Can Harness Their Regulatory Strengths and Learn from US Innovation

In the rapid evolution of the digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing how businesses operate and compete on a global scale. European companies have a unique position in the AI landscape, marked by strong regulatory roots and ethical foresights, providing them with an array of strategic advantages. Meanwhile, their American counterparts continue to break ground with aggressive investments, fast-paced innovation, and substantial value creation. But is there a middle ground where Europe can blend its distinctive strengths with American dynamism? This article delves into the comparative strengths of European businesses in AI and explores the opportunities they have to learn from US advancements.

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MAXQDA vs. An analytical in-depth look at modern market research tools

In the world of market research, there is constant competition for the most reliable and efficient processing software and analysis tools. Two products that stand out in this competitive market are MAXQDA and In this in-depth analysis, we compare the traditional strengths of MAXQDA with the innovative AI-powered market analytics of and show how these tools are shaping the landscape of qualitative and quantitative market research.

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