Automatic contract analysis in three simple steps.

Contract analyses can be time-consuming and complex. With our software, however, this process can be highly simplified. Let us show you how to analyze contracts quickly and efficiently inthree simple steps.

Step 1: Create a project and upload your contracts

Log in and create your project. Easily upload your contracts and documents to the software. Optionally, already linked document collections and databases can be added with a simple click.

Step 2: Have your contracts analyzed automatically

After uploading, you can start the automatic evaluation immediately. Our software analyzes your contracts at lightning speed and provides you with precise answers and detailed source information in just a few moments. If the answers do not meet your expectations, you can simply update them or have them analyzed again.

Especially useful: You can also use automatic evaluations according to predefined templates, for example for DORA third-party provider contracts.

Step 3: Export your results

Once you are satisfied with the analysis, you can simply export the results. Choose from various formats and download the results or send them directly by e-mail. One click is all it takes and your comprehensive contract analysis is ready for further processing or sharing.

With, contract analysis becomes a quick and uncomplicated task. You save time and receive well-founded results. Simply try it out and see the efficiency and simplicity for yourself.

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