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With our software solution for AI-driven meeting management and conversation intelligence we want to help customers optimize their professional communication.

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AI assistant for optimized meeting management

Tucan Meeting AI (beta) records everything said, identifies important points and automatically creates transcripts and summaries, so you can focus on the essentials. Thanks to our own deep learning technology the software recognizes more than two speakers and is continuously "learning" to better "understand" individual speech patterns. It is, as a result, significantly preciser than conventional programs for meeting management when it comes to idiomatic and vernacular speech, with over 90 percent accuracy.

Better communication intelligence with

We are convinced that we can sustainably improve our professional communication with the help of AI. Currently, our developing focus lies on automatic summaries to help customers organize their meetings, interviews, sales calls etc. more efficiently. The goal is to "outsource" annoying bureaucratic tasks so that we can focus on what is really important and fun: being innovative and creative together.

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How Tucan Meeting AI works

Smart meeting planer

Meetings with a clearly defined agenda are on average 30% more efficient. Schedule your meetings using Tucan Meeting AI. It can be integrated in your calendar and helps you structure your meetings.

Popular integrations

Whether via Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet: Tucan Meeting AI records everything said, identifies central speaking points and creates quickly editable transcripts to-do's, questions and quotes.

Automatic summaries

In addition to automatic transcripts our AI creates summaries including questions, follow-ups and quotes. They are based on voice commands and trigger words and can be easily edited, exported and shared.

Benefits of Tucan Meeting AI

... continuously adapts to customers' needs.

- personal and direct support through our managers;
- continuous improvement and individualization of our AI tools for your benefit;
- further development of integrations to seamlessly integrate our AI into existing workflows.

... focuses on data security and privacy.

- Customer data remains in Germany. We host with own servers in Frankfurt and operate our own engine.
- Upon request, can also be installed on-premise if desired. This way, all data remains in-house.

... is specialized on accents, dialects and idioms.

- Our software processes idiomatic and vernacular speech in English and German with over 90% accuracy.


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