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We take meetings out of the stone age

More creativity through AI and automation

Yet another meeting! 

We spend a third of our professional time in meetings. Half of which are unproductive. Poor planning, inaccurate time management, no minutes - these are all factors that rob you of your time.

Less time wasted and more creativity!

We are changing that: Tucan helps you to focus on the creative aspect of work. We take over all time-consuming, repetitive work, prevent miscommunication and promote the creative exchange between you and your colleagues.

Become part of our vision

We believe in a future where software takes away boring work from humans so we can focus on our creativity. Tucan will be a part of this future.

Our founding team

Michael Schramm



Lukas Rintelen


Managing Director

Florian Polak


Managing Director

Three core values, we believe in:


Time tracking and limited vacation days are a relic of the 19th century. We give each other mutual trust. You manage your time yourself!


At Tucan you commit to your tasks yourself. We trust you to implement them diligently. We are colleagues: no employee-boss relationship!


We believe that multiple minds are better than one. If you are part of Tucan, you are the best person for the job and contribute to the success of your team!

Become part of the team!

We are located in the heart of Berlin but have a remote-first mentality. If you want to work with us on our vision then contact us: team@tucan.ai

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