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Interviews, online meetings, promo videos, sales calls...more and more people rely on minutes and protocols for professional purposes these days. With the help of automated transcription we strive to make their work lives easier.
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No more manual note taking

Nobody likes to spend hours typing out sound recordings. It's time-consuming, requires plenty of concentration, and you often end up hurting your wrist. But what to do about it? Manual service providers are usually very expensive and not much faster either. Standard IT solutions, on the other hand, are often not precise enough because they are not able to recognize idioms, dialects and accents.

Speech recognition saves time and energy takes care of logging, transcribing and archiving all kinds of conversations for you. Our AI helps innovative and creative minds concentrate more on the essentials. It de-constructs sound waves to determine patterns, which it then assigns to words. Thanks to this learning technology, it continuously "learns" to better "understand" individual and recurring speech patterns.

Automatic, precise and quick

Tucan Transcription reaches an accuracy rate of over 90 percent. It achieves especially good results when it comes to idiomatic and vernacular speech in English and German. For a manual transcript of a conversation lasting about one hour, a human being needs between 5 and 10 hours. With the help of our AI you only wait about 6 minutes - and that without much work on your part.

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How Tucan Transcription AI works

1. Applicable to all audio and video formats

Tucan Transcription AI can be accessed in two different ways:
a) Either you upload a conventional audio or video file (e.g. MP3, MP4);
b) or you record your conversation via a platform of your choice (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams).

2. The perfect transcript in a few minutes

After a few minutes, your transcript is ready and can be quickly edited in the editor using streamline correction. If the AI is unsure about a passage, it suggests improvements. It "learns" to better "understand" you with each transcription and correction.

3. All information in sight and retrievable

You can easily export and share final transcripts and keyword summaries in various formats, including subtitles. A simple keyword search allows you to quickly manage past transcripts and summaries in the app.

Data protection comes first

Customer data remains within Germany. We host with own servers in Frankfurt and operate our own engine. However, upon request, Tucan Transcription AI can also be installed on-premise if desired. This way, all data remains in-house.

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