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Automation in full swing: These new AI tools revolutionise CX research

As a market researcher or opinion miner, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and insights is crucial. One great…

By January 10, 2023

Leveraging Information with Sentiment Analysis

Businesses find themselves confronted with a constant information flood from all directions - customers, media, community and so on. Sentiment…

By May 24, 2019

Best Conferencing Tools for Small Enterprises

Despite or even because of the physical distance, online meetings offer a whole lot of opportunities for intensified and more…

By May 25, 2019

5 Golden Rules for a Better Meeting Culture

Meetings are often time-consuming and exhausting but crucial in the development of ideas and decisions driving team culture and performance.…

By May 25, 2019

From Audio Transcripts to Automatic Summaries

We've been talking to machines, websites and programs for a while now, but usually only in simple one-way conversations, at…

By May 25, 2019

Vom Wortprotokoll zur “Smart Summary”

Wir sprechen schon lange und oft mit Maschinen, Websites und Programmen. Meist in bestenfalls einseitigen Gesprächen. Doch richtig eingesetzt, kann…

By May 25, 2019

5 Tucan-Tipps für effektivere Meetings

Meetings nehmen viel Zeit und Energie in Anspruch, sind aber auch wichtig in der Erarbeitung von Ideen und Entscheidungen, die…

By August 1, 2022

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